Raising kids today is a complex and often confusing task, probably both the most challenging and the most rewarding thing you’ll ever do. aims to be  an excellent resource to guide both parents and other care-givers through some of the steps it takes to help kids grow in a healthy, positive way.

We all know that physical health is a key factor in a child’s development and that conscientious attention to regular doctor visits, good nutrition, and daily exercise goes a long way to raising a healthy child.

But there are many other  things to consider when trying to raise healthy kids, so that they can be optimistic, adaptive, self-sufficient individuals, who are also able to develop healthy interdependent relationships with others.   . Parents and care-givers must navigate the complexities and challenges of issues ranging from self esteem to substance abuse, from video games to eating disorders, from schoolyard bullying to campus violence.

An informed parent or care-giver needs to have the best information to address all of these issues. He or she also needs to be aware of the warning signs and early detection methods for learning disabilities, behavioral disorders and other mental and developmental health issues, as well as the current treatment options and recommendations.

Here we intend to provide a comprehensive library of articles dealing with all the crucial elements you need to know for raising healthy children.