04/11/2014    Dr. Jenna is headed to Madison today. She is looking forward to her presentation with Robyn Hussa with Mental Fitness, Inc.They are looking forward to their presentation at the Wisconsin Association of School Nurses Conference. We look forward to increasing awareness of the relationship between eating disorders and other mental health issues. We look forward to dispelling myths regarding eating disorders and presenting information to facilitate increased awareness and early identification of disordered eating.

Today launches the introduction of the pilot program for the prevention and early intervention for eating disorders in schools in Wisconsin. We will present an evidence based model to address eating disorder and weight disturbances in schools. This model will also also be effective for prevention and early intervention for other mental health concerns among our school age population.

Stay tuned as we engage the Wisconsin Association of School Nurses to become involved in stage 2 of this program which involves a tiered training of school personnel, school coaches, parents and youth to prevent and intervene early with eating disorders and other mental health concerns.

Dr. Jenna would like to thank the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry for the grand which supports this new liaison relationship between the Wisconsin Council of Child Adolescent Psychiatry, Mental Fitness Inc. and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

The entire team @HorsesTreat is looking forward to supporting this program to promote mental fitness!

Anxiety and Bipolar Disorders in  Children And Adults
Friday October 12 8AM to 330 PM  University of Wisconsin Marshfield/Wood County Campus

ShineOn, An event to remember Maise: For High School Freshman through College

Wednesday October 10 530 to 830 PM Immanuel Lutheran Church Chestnut Street, Marshfield, WI