About Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Consulting (CAPC), LLC

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Consulting (CAPC)  is a Wisconsin certified mental health clinic in Marshfield, WI. We provide psychiatry and psychotherapy  for  children, adolescents, young adults, couples, and families.

Our Child Psychiatrist in Wisconsin promotes a holistic  approach to mental health –for the whole child–and wellness for families.

We can help when you or a family member is struggling with anxiety, attention and learning problems, behavior problems depression, low self-worth, self-harm (cutting), thoughts of suicide, substance abuse, anxiety, social skills or relationship problems, a history of trauma, OCD , tourettes, and other mental health problems.  If you will come and work with us, we can help when couples or families are struggling with changes in their lives (grief and loss, divorce, domestic violence, adoption, reuinification, etc.)

Many children, adolescents and adults prefer CAPC’s central Wisconsin location  to see a child psychiatrist in Wisconsin, for medication management, diagnostic appointments, psychotherapy  and counseling over seeing doctors in a clinic, and  the surroundings can improve a person’s openness, while we learn about the emotional problems, behavioral problems, family problems or school problems that many people come to see us about.

Our therapists, counselors, nurse practitioners, and child psychiatrist in Wisconsin  enjoy seeing  children, adolescents and families.

Medication management, Individual therapy,  Group therapy, and Family therapies, all have the potential to help children and their families who are struggling with anxiety and worry, depression and low self-esteem, family conflict, anger, or other mental health problems cope with their symptoms.

Something was still missing. Dr. Jenna realized that “problem talk” often helps us stay “stuck in our problems”. She began developing her skills in mindfulness-based therapies, and found that many of them really made good sense. Whether the problem is anxiety, depression, anger, an eating disorder, or problems coping with divorce, past trauma, or relationship and social skills problems, mindfulness can help. Mindfulness based psychotherapies are all about how to cope with whatever challenges life throws our way!  

But Dr. Jenna wanted to find some way to help  children and families practice coping skills and problem-solving  to improve self-efficacy and emotional regulation in real-time, with a therapist there for support. It seemed that this would work better than talking in an office with a therapist about skills to practice and returning to the next session to  “report back”. Experiential therapies can help with this, particularly with therapists who understand how to utilize Metaphor Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Emotional Efficacy Therapy, and Mentalization Based Treatment.

As a child psychiatrist in Wisconsin, Dr. Jenna provides integrative mental health services to promote mental health for the whole child, and their family.

Dr. Jenna believes that with the knowledge we have of neuroplasticity and brain development, there is a lot that we can do to prevent mental health problems, and to improve outcomes for people who are struggling with mental illness. She continues to promote research that identifies the most effective treatments in psychiatry and psychotherapy. As the co-chair and founder of the Committee on Complementary and Integrative Medicine for the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, she promotes an evidence-based model of holistic mental health care.

For youth who do not seem able to “open up” or use words to express their thoughts and feelings, or to talk about their experiences, mindfulness based, and/or experientially based therapies that utilize metaphor for an improved understanding, can encourage someone who is resistant to become more willing to engage in treatment.
The patient and therapist can form a trusting alliance, set treatment goals, and work together to problem solve and process the patient’s emotional and behavioral responses, with real-time feedback.
For those who have a history of trauma that occurred when they were not yet able to process it in words (i.e. early childhood), interventions such as Theraplay can help a person connect their nonverbal/emotional experiences with their cognitive/language centers to work through these issues.

Dr. Jenna believes that goals for therapy should:

      • Increase a child’s self awareness about the negative thoughts and feelings that lead to their maladaptive coping (anger outbursts, cutting, suicidal ideation, relationship problems)

      • To use that self-awareness to identify strengths, and overcome vulnerabilities

      • To become optimistic about their abilities to cope with real life challenges

Dr. Jenna also believes that good mental health treatment requires ongoing advocacy within our political and legal systems. She actively advocates for  policies promoting the prevention of mental illness,  healthy child development, and  healthy families.  As a Child Psychiatrist in Wisconsin Dr. Jenna’s expertise is a rarity, and Dr. Jenna is a mental health advocate to improve access to services.

In addition, Dr. Jenna provides forensic psychiatry consultation for legal cases including those involving juvenile offenders and young adult offenderscustody and adoption issues, abuse, trauma and attachment, and civil law matters that are relevant to child and adolescent development.