Telepsychiatry is a means of video conferencing that provides psychiatric services to patients living in remote locations or otherwise underserved areas the use of television cameras and microphones.

At Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Consulting, we provide several services via telepsychiatry, including but not limited to diagnosis and assessment, medication management,  and individual and group therapy. I am also able to provide for consultative services between myself, primary care physicians and other healthcare providers.

I provide forensic psychiatry consultation for criminal cases involving young adult and juvenile offenders, family law and civil legal matters, and teleconferencing has permitted me to provide consultation to an expanded geographic region, without the increased cost of repeated travel, making expert forensic psychiatric assessment less cost-prohibitive, and accessible to more children and families.

Sometimes, I provide patients with second opinions when they reside in areas where only one psychiatrist is available.

Telepsychiatry has been shown to improve collaborative services between professionals. Studies indicate that healthcare professionals feel telepsychiatry has given them an opportunity to work more effectively as a team, and this mirrors my person experience. Patients surveyed say they felt that the communication between their physicians had improved their outcomes.

Patients participating in telepsychiatry have reported satisfaction with the care they are receiving and that they feel telepsychiatry is a reliable form of practice.