Civil Cases

In the civil arena I am most often asked to evaluate personal injury cases, guardianship or conservatorship matters. I am also consulted in guardianship or conservator matters, and in cases of testamentary capacity or competence to marry or enter into a contract.

Personal Injury:

In personal injury cases the mental, emotional and behavioral causes and consequences of  injuries or disability, including those due to brain damage, must be evaluated. My opinion for either a plaintiff or defendant typically requires an assessment of the plaintiff’s claimed injuries to his intellectual ability, emotional reactivity, and behavioral regulation and control, including any limitations in functional impairment. The evaluation requires a “before and after” evaluation to see what if any suffering or disability is attributable to either work-related conditions or accidents, or in personal injury cases, to an alleged wrongfully negligent act on the part of the defendant that injured the plaintiff. Predisposing conditions in the plaintiff must be determined and the relative contribution of all factors, personal and environmental, must be assessed. Lengthy and detailed reports and depositions are not unusual in these cases.

Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Matters:

These cases require careful analysis of whether discrimination (racial, ethnic, gender, age) or sexual harassment have actually occurred, and whether the plaintiff has in fact been injured. As always, I strive for maximum objectivity in sorting out the psychiatric facts of the case. I consider both the plaintiff’s rights against abuse and discrimination in the workplace, and the employer’s right to run his business on his own terms.